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*Terms apply. If you don’t meet eligibility criteria, the full plan price will be applied for non-new members or those with an active plan in the past 6 months.

Your chosen plan’s full price will be charged on the first day of the following month. Example: If you purchase the $19.99 VIP Membership, you will be charged 1cent the day of signup. Your next charge will be the first of the month. No contract. For more information click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is for personal use only; commercial vehicles, ride share vehicles (Uber, Lyft, etc) and taxi cabs are prohibited.

Joining our VIP Wash Club is simple!
There are two simple ways to join.
  1. Conveniently sign up at any of our Prestige Car Wash locations. For a location near you, click here
  2. You can join our VIP Wash Club now by signing up online. Bring your confirmation to your closest Prestige Car Wash and start washing right away!
    To sign up online now, click here.

Our Unlimited Membership is a quick, convenient and flexible way to wash your car. In other words, The Smart Way to Wash Your Car!

We offer four diverse plans, each one made to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Click here to view plans.

Every Unlimited Car Wash member is conveniently billed on the first of the month, regardless of the signup date. The automatic renewal is billed to the credit or debit card that was used to purchase the plan.

Our memberships are prorated. Depending on the date you sign up, you only pay a fraction of the price for the remainder of the month. On the next billing cycle, you are billed the full amount of the plan selected.

If you are interested in a monthly Unlimited Wash Pass, a credit or debit card is required. Membership automatically renews and is BILLED MONTHLY (on the first of every month) to the credit or debit card that was used on the sign-up date.

You can conveniently cancel your Unlimited Wash Plan one of two ways.

  1. Cancel online, under our “Manage Plan” tab. Then select the tab labeled “Cancel My Plan”.
  2. Contact us directly during our office hours of 9am – 4pm

If you decide to cancel you must do it before the 25th of the month. If a customer cancels after the 25th of the month, they will be charged the full amount of their plan on the next billing cycle.

The customer will still be able to use their Unlimited Wash plan for the next month and will be terminated after the month is over and will not be charged.


Customer “A” has our $19.99 wash plan and would like to cancel. They cancel online on August 26. Since they canceled a day after the 25th they will be charged $19.99 on September 1st. Meaning that Customer “A” will still be able to use their $19.99 wash plan until September 30th and will not be charged any further.

Of course, you can with all Unlimited Car Wash Plans!

Of course, you can with all Unlimited Car Wash Plans!

  • If you have a new vehicle with a new license plate read option 1.
  • If your new vehicle has the same license plates as your previous vehicle read option 2.

Option 1.

To transfer your Unlimited Wash Plan you need to call the office. You can reach us during our office hours of 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. We will cancel your old vehicle and license plate. Once you call us you can sign up your new vehicle at any of our locations!

If you have already signed up your new vehicle at one of our locations and were charged for your previous plan make sure to call our office. This way we can adjust your account.

Option 2.

If your new vehicle has the same license plates as your previous vehicle, reach us during our office hours of 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. Someone will be able to update your information.